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Security & Technology



M3 Medical Transcription Technology.

Standards governed by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) are set forth to ensure the security and effectiveness of electronic data exchange.  M3 is committed to our clients to ensure that our security features, authorization controls and data integrity protect our clients’ health information.We offer all our cleints a written agreement that we are 100% HIPPA compliant

Data: M3 has RAID (redundant array of inexpensive disks) mirroring, so that if the hard drive fails, the client is protected against data loss. M3 uses continuous data protection policies with their backups with every change and difference at the byte or block-level logged from the primary system.  All data is backed up in real time. And a clone of the backup is also stored offsite for further reinforcement.

Firewalls/Encryption: M3 utilizes state of the art firewalls with IDS/IPS protection and load balancing.  All data transmitted in and out of datacenter is encrypted and undergoes packet inspection for anomalies.  The firewalls carefully inspect each data packet for any abnormal activity and the data packet is dropped if anomalies are detected.  The physical access to our datacenter is only allowed to permitted personnel through Biometric scan utility.

Internet: The data center is also supported with multiple high-speed T-1 Internet Lines.  All this is balanced and operated using fail safe mechanisms which monitor the internet lines 24/7/365.

Telephone: M3 utilizes two different Telecom providers for both redundancy in dictation servers and the customer support lines.  All lines are monitored using fault tolerant mechanisms.

Power: The dictation and transcription servers are supported 24/7/365.  As mentioned above, the data center that supports these servers are protected with battery backup and diesel generator for extended power outages.

OS Compatability: Microsoft Windows XP Pro, Microsoft Vista compatible.